Community Update - February 14th


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let’s take a look at what happened at the studio this week and what’s coming next week!

This week we kicked off Season Two with new weapons, new modes, new maps, new Trials, and of course, GHOST. WHO COULD FORGET GHOST.

But seriously, the amount of feedback we’ve received since Season Two launched has been incredible and heartwarming to all of us, so thank you and keep sharing your thoughts with us! 

And today, we turned on Gunfight Tournaments, live now with new rewards! We also updated our playlists for Valentine's Day...we hope you enjoy the names....our producer had a great time coming up with them! You can also get some 2XP and 2X Weapon XP on a few playlists too, so be sure to look for the icon! Lastly, we deployed a small patch across all platforms: 


  • Fix for a bug that allowed players to use attachments not yet earned
  • Exploit fixes on various maps and modes
  • Fixed a bug that leave a players CDL filter active after they’ve joined a party without CDL filters  
  • Backend fixes
  • Remove Tavorsk District while we fix a few bugs

Want to see the latest updates with known issues we’re tracking and bugs we’re looking into? Be sure to bookmark our Trello board so you can stay up to date! Check it out HERE!

What's Coming Next Week?

After a sappy Valentine’s Day weekend, nothing kicks off a fresh week better than NVG Reinforce. Or maybe….maybe your Valentine's Day didn't go so well? 1v1 a new potential soul mate in Rust! Or maybe you just need more double weapon XP....  

Want to meet some of the IW staff? Check out our latest developer diary with Technical Artist, Bernardo Antoniazzi as we talk all things 3D graphics, photometric capture systems, and tiramisu! HERE

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