Welcome Infinity Ward to Barcelona!


Call of Duty development expands into Spain

Infinity Ward is excited to announce that we are increasing our presence in Europe to work alongside our friends at Digital Legends in their Barcelona headquarters. Both teams will work side-by-side on our respective Call of Duty projects, as we continue to support Modern Warfare, while our friends at Digital Legends prepare for the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile.

Barcelona is an incredible location for us to bring together an elite team of proven industry pros with AAA console / PC backgrounds into a new creative group.

Leading the effort, Infinity Ward veteran Riccard Linde, Director of Art and Technology, said “We’re building this new team, which will tap into the incredible talent here in Spain, to focus exclusively on creating industry leading, next-gen quality art for the franchise.” Director of Production and fellow Infinity Ward veteran Peter McCabe will also serve in a leadership role with the new team based in Spain, and added “This is a great opportunity for us to develop games and collaborate across both studio teams; we thank our colleagues at Digital Legends and can’t wait to get started.”

Call of Duty’s creation of a dedicated AAA console / PC creative team in Spain as well as its ongoing expansion across Europe is a shared effort, including our team’s continuing growth in our Krakow-based, Infinity Ward Poland studio, while the Digital Legends team has doubled in headcount since joining Activision, and continues to build upon its amazing 20-year proven track record of best-in-glass mobile experiences.

In addition to setting up our new expert team in Barcelona, we’re also excited that we will be able to share best practices and key franchise information even more deeply across both Infinity Ward and Digital Legends. “We couldn’t be more excited to work alongside this new team, but also look forward to the cross-pollination of creative ideas and leading-edge asset creation with our friends at Infinity Ward,” said Digital Legends Studio Head, Xavier Carrillo-Costa.

The Digital Legends team is a best-in-class mobile developer, with an incredible pedigree of top talent in the region, and this new Infinity Ward team is excited to bring even more talented game makers to Barcelona to work on the Call of Duty franchise. We currently have job postings up, so please follow us @InfinityWard and @Digital_Legends for the latest intel.

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