Welcome to Call of Duty: Warzone!


Happy Launch Day everyone!

It's been an exciting day at the studio and we've all been watching your streams, reading your Tweets, and checking out your reactions on Reddit. We can't thank you all enough for playing Warzone and joining us on this incredible journey. Seeing everyone hop online and share your experiences with us so far is humbling and can't wait to see more. Below are some helpful links and information that you’ll find useful as you join us here on Reddit and online in Warzone. Again, thank you all for your support and for playing. We’ll see you in Verdansk!


Read Up! The Activision Games Blog is full of intel and can help you navigate your way through both Battle Royale and Plunder, the two modes that went live with Warzone today.

The Official Call of Duty: Warzone Strategy Guide! FREE, with a TON of tips, tricks, maps and more. Click HERE to check it out!

Introduction to Warzone and the Basics: Learn about Plunder and Battle Royale, the two modes launching with Warzone. You'll also learn about the Gulag, contracts, buy stations, and vehicles. Read all about it HERE.

Download and Launch times, Combat Training, Operators and Loadouts, and how Progression works: The title says it all. Read about it HERE.

All about Plunder: Learn about Plunder, a new mode in Warzone. See why Cash is important and what it takes to win. HERE.

All about Battle Royale: Drop in. Survive. And Win. Read up on BR HERE.

Tour of Verdansk: Get a look at some hot spots across Verdansk, areas that might be of interest to you as you hop into Warzone. Read up HERE.


Stay Updated! We post updates weekly, so here’s a breakdown of the content you can expect to see each week:

Tuesday – Playlist updates/Hotfixes

Thursday – Developer diary and/or behind the scenes blog

Friday – Community Update blog


Need help?

Customer Support: Everyone needs a little help every so often, so be sure to reach out Activision Customer Support by tagging them on Twitter, HERE.

Bugs and Known Issues: We also keep track of known issues throughout Warzone on our Trello board, a living and breathing tracking board where we post updates, patch notes, and live updates to bugs we're working on. Follow it HERE.

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