Earn XP Rewards in Trials, Now Live in Modern Warfare!


Put your skills to the test in trial training operations and get XP rewards!

Here’s How Trials Work:

Once you’re in Officer Ranks, you'll earn tickets you can use to compete in Trials. Already in Officer Ranks? You’ll get access to tickets you already earned.

  • One ticket is needed to take part in a Trial

  • One ticket grants you 3 tries

  • Based on your performance, you’ll be given a 1, 2, or 3-star rating

  • Each star rating grants XP rewards:

    • 0 Stars: 0 XP

    • 1 Star: 5000 XP

    • 2 Stars: 7500 XP

    • 3 Stars: 10000 XP

Trials rotate, so spend those tickets!