New playlist bringing back traditional gameplay coming this Friday. Get ready for Tactical Team Deathmatch!


We're always looking at how we can add new content and ways to play, so this Friday we’re introducing a new playlist that’s a bit of a throwback. Tactical Team Deathmatch brings a more classic style of gameplay to Infinite Warfare multiplayer by making some key changes to the movement and combat. 

We took a look at player movement and thought of some ways to make the gameplay more tactical. In this new mode boost jumping has been removed to keep combat grounded. Player movement speeds with weapons vary significantly to add more contrast to each weapon class. However, we’ve kept wall running to allow access to key areas in the maps. 

Weapon damage has also been rebalanced to better fit the playlist. Most notably head shot damage has been increased to add a more advanced level of engagements.

This game mode provides a slower, more strategic gameplay experience. It'll go live this Friday until 10am PST Monday, December 19. We're excited to hear your thoughts on this as soon as you can play it. See you online!