Senior Gameplay Designer (Scripter)

Requisition ID GAM0000C0

Do you want to be a Single-Player Designer on some of the best-selling and most critically acclaimed shooters of all time?



  • You thrive on creating compelling and immersive gameplay with memorable and impactful moments.
  • You are a designer with a technical background adept at problem solving, systems creation and scripting unique scenarios.
  • Your eyes light up at the mention of a flexible C-style scripting language.

General Requirements:

  • Be creative and communicate your ideas. The majority of our content begins from a pitching process. Things like story, missions, game mechanics, locations, events all start as a pitch. As a designer you’re expected to get up in front of the studio and sell your ideas.
  • Serious passion for games. Whether you enjoy FPS, RPG, MMO, RTS, card games or board games you should be able to break down and articulate their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Collect, filter and apply feedback. As a designer you’re going to receive constant input from around the studio. How this feedback is interpreted and applied is completely on you.
  • Collaborate with and motivate your peers to create innovative and inspiring gameplay.
  • Comfortable directing input on game elements such as story, sound, music, motion capture, and dialogue. As a designer, you are the director.
  • Know our games: know why they’re good, why they’re bad and how you will make them better.
  • Know what you want; if you’re passionate about joining Infinity Ward, prove it to us.

Whether you’re fresh out of school or a ten year vet, we need to see demonstrable examples that will blow our minds. We are very selective, but it's worth it if you make the cut.


Job: Game/Level Design
Primary Location:
Woodland Hills
Organization: Infinity Ward

To Apply:  Send resume and cover letter to